Welcome to  Rottweilers and Pound Hounds.

The aim of this site is to assist people in finding a Rottweiler in need of a loving home. I urge those of you seeking a Rotti to either buy your dog from a registered breeder, or save a life and adopt a pound hound. For more information about buying a pure bred puppy, and a list of registered breeders please go to The Rottweiler Club of NSW
The dogs below are currently impounded. Dogs which are identified with a microchip will be held for 14 days before being available for sale, those dogs which are not sold, will be euthanased. Dogs which are not identified are only held for a 7 day period from the date they were first impounded. No pound can guarantee the pure bred status, health, temperament, or age of any dog, you must go and personally meet a dog you may be interested in. Please contact the pound directly on the phone numbers provided.
Please think carefully before rushing out to  buy a dog simply because he/she is on limited time. A dog is a long term commitment,   you need to make sure you will be there for the life of the dog.
I am no longer rescuing Rotties myself, so do not have any in foster care. Please navigate through the links to see if a rescue group has a dog for you in their care. I am no longer accepting private surrenders, however will advertise your Rotti if you need to find him/her a home. I have had 100% success rate so far of Rotties being privately rehomed through this site, provided I am supplied with photos and basic information of the dog in need. I do ask a fee of $30 which goes towards assisting me to pay my vet, as I have unpaid adoption fees. Sorry guys, it only takes one person to ruin it for all!!!
For any further queries, please contact me, and I will do everything I can to help you